The Death of a Church

Essay: The Death of a Church
I have seen a Church Dying. It was one of the oldest churches in the Country.
It grew weaker under the weight of the years
 and the lack of understanding of the People
finally made its shape disappear from its place.

Daymyoji, in Iyoshima, there was a Hidden Church,
a tower and a stained glass.
It was a unique Church.
From the outside, you would think of it as a farmer's house.
But the inside was a beautiful example of what a Gothic church means.
There was no superfluity. The arches and pillars showed dedicated work.
The whole building was considered an outstanding piece of work.

But, as it grew older, the floor sank; the walls leaned,
 from the dislocated tiles rain leaked in.
As it was dangerous, a new, modern Church was built near by.
The old Church bell was forgotten.

Rain leaks grew stronger, from a broken window
ivy stretched its branches till it reached the Altar.

At last, when I heard they would destroy it, I went to Iyoshima once more.
The door of the old Church was dislocated.
Part of the wooden floor was missing,
in some corners old furniture was piled up.

But the beautiful arches, the strong pillars were still left.
Is there no way to preserve this treasure? I wondered.
Yes, as a witness of this age, as a lesson for the future.

To destroy the old Daymyoji Church, a few days were enough.
But, as the arches, pillars and altar could be still used,
they were kindly wrapped and brought far from the island, from Nagasaki.

They spoke about a reconstruction over there, but I thought it would not be the same any more.

Because, over there, there is not a Nagasaki Sea and a Nagasaki Sky, I thought

Again, a Treasure of Nagasaki was lost.

Translated From: "The Churches of Nagasaki" (Nagasaki no Tenshuudoo)
By Ryogo Yuuki